The Wedding Photographer’s Bucket List
In case you couldn’t tell already, I love things that are unique and off the beaten track. I became a photographer because it encourages me to chase something new and interesting all the time.
Therefore, I have a bucket list of things that I would love to experience and shoot. If your wedding includes any of these things, I will offer you an exclusive discount!
A pet in attendance Extra points if it’s a pig, llama or chicken, I’ve always wanted to own any of those animals. (Got a plethora of goats and chickens coming in 2015!)
Wedding car= DeLorean. Thanks Sam and Lloyd!!!
Underwater wedding (one for the scuba divers)
Natural History Museum
Tree house
An abandoned/creepy building setting. I love The Asylum arts centre! (Shot it. Owned it.)
A wedding held in a retro cinema (There’s going to be ushers and popcorn and everything!)
Dr. Seuss themed wedding
An elopement Happening 2016!
A wedding in Iceland (because I’ve almost shot there twice now, it needs to happen!)
An Alice in Wonderland themed wedding
Roald Dahl themed wedding
Traditional Japanese wedding
Wedding at an aquarium (me loves fish)
A wedding at one of the Crazy Bear venues
A wedding at Aynhoe Park, check out this blog post to understand why! (Will be there in Summer ’15)
A wedding at Pale & Interesting (it’s a venue!)
Preston Court
An outdoor ceremony in a forest (coming to you in 2015)
A Ceremony in some form of water (sea/stream etc.). I’m an ex swimmer so I just love water!
A wedding I can wear my wellies to (THIS PUPPY GOT COVERED! In mud.)
Another country that isn’t the UK Extra points for being under the Aurora Borealis or a starry sky will do (won’t see that in London). Have shot in Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Singapore and Hollywood (yes that counts as it’s own country). Will still offer discounts for other countries.
Festival theme- (DONESIE LIKE A ONESIE!)
Mexican Mariachi band and/or a pinata (The couple have a pirate ship pinata, yyarrrghhhh me hearties! Got mariachi’d up Summer ’15!)
Fancy dress/cosplay wedding (must be at least 75% of the wedding party- will forgive those over the age of 60). Extra points for a jedi wedding:
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